About Us

Why choose Us.

We place particular importance on building lasting relationships with our clients and as such, have an impressive track recordof repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.
This philosophy has helped establish an unrivalled reputation for the delivery of sophisticated solutions to our clients’ business problems with reliable, scalable engineered software solutions. Our people get involved in all aspects of our clients business processes, understand and align with the company’s culture and get under the skin of the technical problem to deliver superior results where others have failed.

How WeWork.

Software professionals at Mindware work with latest technologies at a facility capable of housing twice as many engineers. Mindware recruits its staff from the country’s vast pool of computer science graduates.
The selection of each business line has entailed extensive investment in human capital to ensure that Mindware’s engineers are experts in the tools and the nature of the business the software serves. By broadening and intensifying its activities within its business lines, Mindware believes that it strengthens its capacity to serve its partners and their clients.
Every member of the Mindware team is engaged in ensuring that the company provides services at a level of quality on par with the most exacting international standards. Parallel to adopting the latest quality standards, Mindware holds itself to the high business ethics standards. It has the utmost respect for the confidentiality of its partners’ source codes, and is dedicated to upholding the principles of intellectual property rights in general

Our Service Approach.

We offer services covering the full software lifecycle underpinned by our Enterprise Agile approach. We use our experience to ensure consistent, predictable delivery of projects within dynamic business environments, including those dominated by traditional rigid processes. Clients engage Mindware in a number of ways appropriate for their situation.

Project Delivery.

We take responsibility for the design, development, testing and delivery of major business critical systems. Resource Augmentation
We augment client project teams with technical resources to address resource shortfalls or provide specific technical or domain expertise.

Our Consultancy.

We provide project management and technical architecture resources and are often asked to carry out project, development and architecture reviews or undertake short term engagements to address specific issues such as performance tuning, configuration management and infrastructure and architecture definitions.

Our Values & Approach.

Our business has been built on the strength of word-ofmouth referrals and the ability to nurture long-term relationships with our clients. We are proud of our culture and all we have achieved since our inception in 1993. The success of Mindware is undoubtedly testament to the caliber of people we have in our team.
We understand that in addition to being specialists in our field, we need to focus our efforts on understanding our clients’ business domain. We add value by understanding the problem, generating inventive solutions, managing risk and always delivering what we promise.

Our Culture.

The principles of technical excellence and absolute commitment to delivery are integral to Mindware culture. The way we do things makes us stand out. Our clients choose us because of our integrity, track record, technical ability, industry knowledge and flexible approach.
Our people choose us for the opportunity to develop their careers by working across multiple sectors and disciplines, with like-minded, technically excellent individuals.