Web Applications

Ever-growing demand for Internet/Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. To streamline your business, we address those issues with our deployable and top-class Internet and Intranet solutions.
Mindware’s expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business idea

Mindware’s custom Web Application Development services include:

Java/J2EE Development

In order to maintain pace with ever changing technologies and their effects on the business we have Java Excellence centers. We focus to implement J2EE technologies and frameworks to provide best services to our customers. The Java technologies include Desktop Applications, Enterprise Applications, Frameworks, Application Servers and Databases.

.Net Development

To maintain keep pace with fast changing Microsoft technologies and their impact we have .NET Excellence center. We focus to implement .Net technologies, architectures, and frameworks to provide best services to our customers. The .NET technologies Web and Desktop applications, Microsoft Office integration, Frameworks and components, Windows Mobile applications, Open source, Databases.


We have enabled organizations to take advantage of the open source web platform through our Center of Excellence. We develop web applications using the open source web platform popularly known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Ruby). We assist you with all phases of a LAMP project, from business understanding and technical design to deployment, to ensure that you leverage the open source platform and applications to the maximum.

Software Research & Recommendation

Recommendation is based on several factors: functionality, license cost and other aspects like documentation.

Portal Management – Share Point, DotNetNuke (DNN)

A portal presents multiple, diverse content and applications to users through a consistent, unified Web-based interface. Portal administrators and users can customize portals, and content can be presented based on user preferences or rule-based personalization.
Effectively managing the portal is more important than building it. Building the web site is just the beginning. Corporate portal management requires continuity and it is our most effective service on returns in long term. We can list the activities to effectively manage your portal as “Sending the message to the right audience” and “value creation”.
Portal Software are web-based systems and applications that provide collaboration and communications tools for individuals, groups and organizations. With secure access to documents, calendars, scheduling, blogs and discussion boards, all on a single website, CMS & Portal Systems simplify communication and can increase productivity.
SharePoint has an intuitive web-based interface and requires very little training for those familiar with Microsoft Office products.
DotNetNuke (DNN) is an application that is ideal for web developers or the savvy programmer. Once installed, the basic functions of a CMS are available in the application. For additional features and functionality of a portal site, hundreds of modules are available from a growing community of DNN developers. DNN is a highly customizable system that makes it easy to create a professional and sophisticated website.

Conversion from Legacy Systems to .NET

Developing a prototype .NET solution for the strategic redevelopment of a non-GUI application is a challenge. The objective of the prototype is to understand the timeframes and issues related to converting the existing system to a GUI interface using the .NET framework.

Data Warehousing – Microsoft OLAP, Reporting Services

To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, organizations must extend information beyond the walls of their organization and seamlessly interact with customers, partners, and suppliers in real time. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services enables organizations to transform valuable enterprise data into shared information for insightful, timely decisions at a lower total cost of ownership.

E-Commerce Solutions

Mindware offers various ecommerce solution services like Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Shopping Cart Solutions, Credit Card Processing Integration, PayPal Integration and many more.
Mindware possess wide experience in e-commerce development. Our e-commerce development expertise covers innovative unique projects development. These e-commerce solutions were created with the power of Java, PHP, C/C++ programming languages, MS.Net, MySQL technologies and others.

Mindware’s custom E-Commerce Solutions include:

  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • PayPal Integration