Case Studies

We’ve helped businesses improve the way they work over the last two decades.

At Mindware, we are at the forefront of creating cutting edge web communities that are easy to navigate and rich in content. The goal of Adaptive Virtual Work-space was to create a robust and scalable online portal/work-space environment, which will bring to life the tools, and frameworks, enabling individuals, organizations and communities to engage, interact and foster communication.Learn more.

Mindware’s Intelligent Framework is an unsurpassed solution for unifying the efforts of all organizations and participants involved in port security and related security requirements and practices at the local, regional, state, and national levels. It is a highly survivable, scalable, event-driven architecture incorporating a concurrent/parallel processing framework.Learn more.

InstaKnow ( is an integration software/business process automation company. InstaKnow-ACE “Active Collaboration Engine” manages information workflow and services across internal and external systems through an Interactive Development Environment and intelligent agents. Several solutions have been deployed for US Government Agencies and the Corporate Sector.Learn more.

iREACH, a Health Information Management System, provides health-service workers, patients, and physicians with secure access to information critical for prompt and effective delivery of health services. iREACH provides a comprehensive public/community health platform.

The CECOM Rapid Response Project Office is chartered by the Deputy to the Commanding General, Communications-Electronics Command, to execute a unique, competitive, streamlined business process that will allow United States Federal Government managers to acquire contractor-provided services. The CR2 Project Office provides a unique support service that will aid all federal government managers to rapidly execute their requirements as identified by their mission objectives.

Benefit Manager Application is to provide a complete solution to the Insurance benefit program run by St. Onge and other organizations. These applications include customizable features, scalable and provide an Application Service Provider model. It drives the insurance benefit management system which will manage procedure rules, payment level, and claim entry, processing, and reporting.