Defence Logistics

Mindware’s scalable platform will continue to meet the ever increasing need for the integration of key technologies for turn-key solutions, related services and components to more quickly deploy critical port security solutions. Mindware’s platform accesses, monitors and automatically correlates critical information residing in disparate systems crossing domains and jurisdictions presenting

A Multi-tiered Awareness and Automated Response

Operationally, there are significant challenges in controlling and managing detection, analysis, and response in all layers of the port security framework. The higher tier agencies (DHS, Intelligence Agencies and Federal Maritime) and their associated mid-tier agencies (USCG, CBP, TSA) are equipped centrally with automated systems, staffing, and communications mechanisms to support their domain awareness, analysis, and response roles.
For instance, at a national level, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses its Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC) to:

  1. Monitor vulnerabilities and incidents nationwide,
  2. Constructs nationwide visual picture of the current threat situation,
  3. Performs first level assessments of threats,
  4. Maintains communication, tracks and shares a “common operating picture” of the situation with the White House and other senior officials, and
  5. Sets threat conditions and disseminates threat information to many other federal, state, local and urban center partners to enable the implementation of their plans and protective measures.

However, these capabilities do not extend to the local operational level (specific area and port level) where a significant gap exists in the ability of these “down stream” entities to have a similar capability that integrates and fuses information from all sources including locally-derived information.

Mindware’s platform would provide ports and their geographically located federal, state and local partners with an enhanced, sharable, “local common operational picture” enabling them to quickly obtain a locally enhanced picture of an incident(s), make informed decisions, and more quickly respond to and mitigate threats or potential threats in their domain.

Mindware’s Intelligent Framework employs Process, Resource and Logic Modelers to define combinations of manual and automated workflow segment dependencies of any sophistication to automate and expedite complex workflows in an efficient manner, without program coding. The platform provides for definition of business rules that decide how a long-running business transaction should flow through the

Organization’s automated and manual decision making over several days.